Spring school provisional schedule

9h00From 10h: registrationSelf-similarity in capillary flows

(J. Snoeijer)
Students’ short presentations

(all PhD students)
Discussion on advanced questions in capillarity

Surface tension in micro-manipulation

(P. Lambert)
10h30Welcome and coffeebreakbreakbreakbreak
11h00Basics of Surface Tension
(P. Lambert, D. Seveno)
Wetting fundamentals: kinetics

(J. De Coninck)
Wetting in various geometries

(D. Seveno)
Advanced numerical Tools
(B. Scheid, D. Seveno)
Smart Wetting

(J. De Coninck)
14h00Wetting fundamentals : statics
(J. De Coninck, P. Colinet)
Advanced experimental techniques
(J. Vermant, S. Dehaeck)
Student's short presentations
(all PhD student)
Super-hydrophobic states
(S. Dorbolo)
16h00Wetting fundamentals : dynamics
(P. Colinet, E. Reyssat)
Applications in industry

(N. Clément, AGC)
Capillary effects in microfluidics
(B. Scheid, T. Gilet)
Surface tension in nature
(T. Gilet)
18h30 :
Belgian beer session
19h00 :
Gala Dinner

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